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A range of high-efficiency xenon visual warning lights 12 to 72 V and 12 to 80 V, 2 W and 5 W. Curtis safety beacons are designed for applications ranging from pallet trucks; construction and airport equipment; agricultural equipment; and forklift trucks – internal combustion or electric powered.

High Efficiency Means Lower Operating Costs

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Curtis switch-mode portable chargers allow for easy high-frequency charging of electric vehicle batteries at any outlet. Safely recover deeply discharged batteries and protect them from overcharging. Users can program the charger profile optimum for a specific battery. Microprocessor control and switch-mode operation allow for faster charging of all types of lead-acid batteries. Curtis chargers are


Model 803

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Combines in one instrument a completely solid-state battery discharge indicator, an LCD hour meter and lift lockout, housed in a 52 mm case. Indicates state-of-charge in 10-bar LED display. Void of moving parts, this instrument is exceptionally reliable even in severe operating environments. Suitable for all electric vehicles.

Model 840

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Indicates various system parameters, such as battery state-of-charge, operating hours or maintenance status. Communicates directly with Curtis motor controller Model 1297 or other serial communication device. Ideal for use in material handling and order pickers, as well as other equipment with a need to display data using a dedicated unidirectional asynchronous serial signal. 8-character dot


Model 906

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Battery “Fuel Gauge” indicates state-of-charge in 10-bar LED display. Solid-state. Easy to install. Ideal for golf cars, commercial cleaning equipment, mobility aids, electric bicycles, electric marine motors, medical devices and many other applications. Available in five panel-mount packages and a printed circuit board mounted module.